Kojak's Trail Guide

LENGTH: Because we run in the evening, the length of trail should be 3 to 3.5 miles, with no half way beer stop. This is so that we can get some exercise, have a fun circle, an On After for those who wish, and still get home in time to get enough sleep to face work the next day. OK, I admit we have all exceeded the 3.5 from time to time but not like the some (set by over achieving hares),  where it was at least 2 miles more than that. You can use Google Earth to plot your trail. If you're laying trail with your bike (that will get you a down down) then pay attention to that mileage thingy you all have. Or, just go out and run your planned trail. If it takes you an hour and a half, it's too long. 45 minutes for a decent runner is going to be 3 to 3.5 miles depending on the amount of "stuff" one has to deal with out there, canals, etc.

MARKING TRAIL: Typically we use flour, white or colored, chalk, and toilet paper or Kleenex in the heavy shiggy. Not a good idea to use plastic tape as it is not bio-degradable.

Plops/marks should be at a reasonable distance - 75 - 100 feet apart. Yes, you can put them on posts, dumpsters, hide them a bit behind trees or telephone poles, whatever. They just need to be found reasonably easy. If you're doing your trail on a bike you MUST keep the above in mind. Biker hashers tend to leave marks much further apart because the pack is moving at a much faster pace.  The objective is to have fun, not get everyone angry and lost.  

CHECKS, COUNT BACKS, ETC.: This is where the Hare(s) get to have fun. The idea is to fool the pack (especially the front running bastards) and make it search for ON ON. Better yet, well thought out checks, etc. give a chance for the walkers and the old fart an opportunity to catch up. Having the whole pack come into the BN close together is the ideal. I'm not going to go into a long dissertation as to how to do these. Go out with an experienced Hare and you'll get the idea.

HARE(S): Now that we are running weekly we cannot rely on just a few individuals, Hairy, Doc, to do it all. We all need to pitch in. We have quite a few new-comers and virgins and you are all most heartily welcome. We encourage you to get the itch (there's a skeeter on....) to lay trail, BUT, if you've never done it then PLEASE hook up with one of our experienced foot Hares and go along and learn. Then you'll be ready.

THE ANTHRAX SCARE: In 2001 (I think) when this scare first happened, Hashers all over the place were harassed by police, threatened with fines if the HAZMAT teams were called out and one Hare in Connecticut actually went to court. I am bringing this up because Anthrax is back in the news and two weeks ago the police and fire department were actually called out. Here's the deal. If you're laying trail in a business district where fast food joints, etc. are still open, or your trail is going thru a densely populated neighborhood (or a park with kiddies) then just pick up the phone and notify the local police before-hand. I know, this goes against our nature but better to inform them than get into trouble.

WATER/LIBATIONS: The hare( is responsible for the beverages, coolers, ice , snacks etc.  If this is a problem for you ask for help- you can borrow coolers and buy the rest.  It is very important to have plenty of water available for the pack at both the start and end of trail,  especially in the hot and muggy season. If you take a bottle of water on trail or a beer can you MUST carry it to the end of trail unless you find a garbage can or dumpster enroute. I know, I know, we see crap out there all over the place from homeless people and four-wheelers. However, Hashers around the world are environmentally conscious.

FINALLY: Once again, welcome to all you new-comers. This is wonderful. Our little Hash is growing as we had hoped it would. Lolli and I have been Hashing for a long time and in many places around this wonderful world. To introduce new folks to this very fun game which has been around since 1938 is terrific. So, just keep on CUMMING.


ON ONnn,