Hash House Harriers Space Coast

H3SC Trash No. 393
"Spring Break 2014"
March 26th, 2014

Last Wednesday was the best turnout we have had this year despite the chilly weather. 

Thank you Helen and Swallows for a fun trail and for keeping it not too long so we didn't freeze our arses off. 

The end was A to A for a Hash Halt.  We then loaded up in our vehicles and off to

Helen's house for circle and On After.   Fun circle on the pool patio, even the HUYA re-appeared.   

Then we went outside for a snowball fight and to build a snowman.  That was the Helen "special". 

Well, actually, we helped clean out her freezer.  Good stuff.  

Thanks again everyone.  Hope to see you all and more next week. 

ON ONnn,